Parents need to learn to recognize the early warning signs of poor self-esteem. Fear, anxiety, worry, sadness and unworthiness are but a few examples of the negative feelings that become apparent in a child’s behavior very early on. It is important that parents recognize these symptoms, and not deny them for fear of being seen by others as bad parents.

Admitting that an issue exists is only the first step to improving the healthy emotional growth of children. Parents need tools that will help them help their preschoolers learn to love themselves and become resilient, in the safety of a nurturing home environment. This is where we can help…


Healthy self-esteem is developed through accomplishment. Positive behavior is reinforced through a consistent set of appropriate rewards for good choices and a consistent set of appropriate consequences for poor choices. A liver treat or a stern “No!” works well for dogs. It’s not so easy with children. But it could be. If parents and others who influence our preschool children gain the knowledge and the tools to help them help their preschoolers develop healthy self-esteem the job would become routine, an integral part of parenting and preschool education.

The goal of Full Esteem Ahead® is to produce and distribute self-esteem building tools for adults and preschool children and to utilize Public Relations and Social Media initiatives to raise the public’s awareness of the self-esteem crisis that exists and the urgency to fix it now.